About Company


The Easecox International Group, which has been established for 23 years in Taiwan, proves itself to be a miracle, with an anuual turnover of more than 2 billion through its "Diamant Fat-Shifting Products" ; its products have even been voted to be "The Product of The Year" by Business Weekly.

Easecox Group makes use of high technology meticulously to develop products of utmost quality to transform a lady's figure and complextion.
We always astonish everyone with our high technology products: The reshaping and modeling series, the skincare series Marvel, the super-conduction ion series and Aroma Series.
All we can say is that the only best products are allowed to appear EASECOX's ranks.


She started the business at the age of 32, Her original motive was a desire to be curvaceous again. She then helped others ot retrieve their beauty and that was how Easecox, the world of beauty engineering, was born.

When operations began in 1988, EASECOX adopted a philosophy of cooperation and co-prosperity with Shapewear slimming control undergarments as major products.

EASECOX was recognized as the number-one brand in Taiwan and in 1994 was named in Business Weekly as one of the Top Ten Popular Brands.

EASECOX also joined the TOP 300 Service Providers in the same year and sales reached a new record of NTD2.2 billion.